Sunday, January 23rd, 2022
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Towanda Borough Ordinances


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Urgent Ordinance News & Updates: 

Public announcement for Towanda Borough Property owners:

General reminder that is that time of year again to keep sidewalks cleared from leaves and downed tree limbs and branches.  Bagged leaves can be left at the fenced drop-off site on Elm Street or taken to the Bridge Street bio-landfill for disposal.  Leaves and yard waste taken to Bridge Street must be dumped and no bags or other containers left behind.  The key for the landfill must be signed out at the Municipal Building with payment of a $25.00 (one to a couple loads) refundable Security Deposit.  A $50.00 refundable Security Deposit is required for a multiple day sign-out (ie: weekend usage after 3:30 p.m. Friday until Monday at 7:00 a.m.).

Towanda’s Borough Manager is also requesting Borough residents not to rake their fallen leaves and any other vegetation into the streets.  This practice, in addition to creating an eyesore, causes serious flooding problems by clogging drain inlets and pipes as well as causing weeds to grow in the street gutters.  These problems eventually cost money to Borough taxpayers. The Borough Manager is requesting persons who hire someone to rake their leaves to instruct them to take care that no debris get into the street and, if they do, to please remove them.  

Please help keep our community beautiful. Thank you for your attention.


In season, Borough residents are reminded to keep sidewalks cleared of snow & ice within 24 hours after the snow or ice event has ended.  A path of at least a shovel width wide is required.  Snow removed from sidewalks should not be pushed out into the roadway as a safety precaution of drivers.  


Borough of Towanda Ordinance No. 2017-1 - An ordinance regulating the conduct of open burning and emission of smoke within the Borough of Towanda was passed on April 3, 2017.  The Ordinance is available for pick-up at the Towanda Municipal Building or Click Here to download a copy.

Open Burning Regulations

Recreational Fires Notice