Saturday, August 20th, 2022
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Towanda Meeting Agenda's & Minutes 

(Minutes are posted once approved at the next meeting of the respective Council or Board)

Towanda & Wysox Meeting Agenda's:

Borough Council Meeting  Meeting: August 1, 2022
Towanda Municipal Authority Meeting: August 15, 2022
Planning Commission Meeting: August 16, 2022
Wysox Township Municipal Authority Meeting: August 19, 2022
  • Towanda Borough Council Minutes 

January 2022  
February 2022  
March 2022  
April 2022  
May 2022  
June 2022  
July 2022  



  • Towanda Municipal Authority Minutes 

January 2022  
February 2022  
March 2022 - Special Meeting  
March 2022  
April 2022  
May 2022  
June 2022  



  • Planning Commission Minutes - (Posted only as the month a meeting is held in the current year and pending approval at the next meeting)

April 19, 2022  



  • Wysox Township Municipal Authority Minutes

Merged Months Most recent meeting with minutes approved
2022 WTMA Meeting Minutes June 17, 2022
2021 WTMA Meeting Minutes  
2020 WTMA Meeting Minutes  
2019 WTMA Meeting Minutes   
2018 WTMA Meeting Minutes  
2017 WTMA Meeting Minutes  

Towanda Meeting Minutes - Archive

  • Towanda Borough Council Minutes
2021 Council Meeting Minutes    
2020 Council Meeting Minutes   2014 Council Meeting Minutes
2019 Council Meeting Minutes      2013 Council Meeting Minutes
2018 Council Meeting Minutes   2012 council Meeting MInutes
2017 Council Meeting Minutes   2011 Council Meeting Minutes
2016 Council Meeting Minutes   2010 Council Meeting Minutes
2015 Council Meeting Minutes    






  • Towanda Municipal Authority Minutes ( * Links are not available at this time ~ please check back. Thank You! )
2021 TMA Meeting Minutes  
2020 TMA Meeting Minutes  
2019 TMA Meeting Minutes     2014 TMA Meeting Minutes  
2018 TMA Meeting Minutes 2013 TMA Meeting Minutes  
2017 TMA Meeting Minutes 2012 TMA Meeting Minutes *
2016 TMA Meeting Minutes 2011 TMA Meeting Minutes *
2015 TMA Meeting Minutes    2010 TMA Meeting Minutes *







  • Planning Commission Minutes
2021 Planning Committee Meetings  
2020 Planning Committee Meetings 2014 Planning Committee Meetings
2019 Planning Committee Meetings 2013 Planning Committee Meetings
2018 Planning Committee Meetings 2012 Planning Committee Meetings - paper copies only available at this time
2017 Planning Committee Meetings 2011 Planning Committee Meetings
2016 Planning Committee Meetings 2010 Planning Committee Meetings
2015 Planning Committee Meetings  


Any minutes prior to the years listed above or links not available, would have to be obtained by contacting the Towanda Borough / Towanda Water & Sewer offices at 570-265-6371 and arrangements made to have the applicable minutes pulled from the paper files and minutes books and copies made. Please note a fee for the time, materials, and any other costs associated to fulfill the request(s) may be applied.  Thank you.





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